DEC. 28 

8:30- 10:30

Put down the pots and pans and leave the cleaning to someone else.  We have a fantastic night out in St. Kilda in what truly is a wonderful room.

Free entry (save $23.50) when you make it onto the guest list and 2 wonderful deals if you'd like to eat. 

Just fill out the form.

Midweek  Maddnes

8 Weeks Only

A Secret Place Melbourne presents gorgeous swinging jazz in a new and beautiful setting right in the heart of the city for eight weeks only. Starting Jan 16, if you get onto Connie's Guest List, (places are limited) you will save the $25 entry fee you would usually be paying for acts of this quality.

This intimate and beautiful room is the height of sophistication and would be at home in New York, London or Paris. It’s close to parking and transport, offers fantastic wine, cocktails and nibblies, gold standard service and reserved seating for those on the guest list.

Our wonderful host will greet you and make you feel at home. The night is a luxury entertainment experience for a reasonable cost and is everything you need to make leaving home or staying in the city worthwhile and pleasurable. Don’t forget to ask for “Connie’s Guest List” specials.

Places are limited, so please  book in advance or ring Connie on
0408 391 898.

There is a $10 booking fee to reserve your table and goes toward your first drink.

Hotmail accounts need to call. Our server can't recognise them. We recommend a Gmail account!

Our Values:
We stand for fun and personal service.
We stand for beautiful music that doesn't hurt your ears.
We stand for comfort and ease and fantastic food.
We stand for laughter and love.
We stand for broadening your horizons.
We stand for taking the risk out of choosing somewhere new.