For those who like a little adventure!

DEC is Fully Booked. Places available for Nov.

A Secret Place Melbourne is presenting some of Melbourne's most popular jazz quartets in  new and gorgeous settings. 

Make it onto Connie's Guest List, and there is no cover charge. The $25 or more you would normally pay to see a quality jazz act can go toward an incredible meal or a fancy cocktail.

This intimate and elegant jazz club is at the very top of bohemian dining luxury in the heart of the city. We offer amazing food and cocktails, gold standard service and reserved seating in the dining room for those having a meal.
You will be sent the secret location when you book!

The famous gormet Hamburger et Pomme Frites (you have to read it in a French accent) is on the menu for Nov.  for only $30!

If you'd like to come in for drinks and dessert only, you will be served in our gorgeous cocktail bar.

The $10 booking fee is deducted from your final bill.

Book For Thursday Night:

Hotmail accounts need to call. Our server can't recognise them. We reccomend a Gmail account!